1 to 2 sentences that tell people exactly what you can help them with. (Example: Real Estate is hard... we make it easy. OR Facebook ads are my genius. Why try to figure it out yourself when you could hire someone who lives and breaths it.)

From the Desk Of {Your Name}


My name is {your name} and I want to help you {result}.

Over the past {time frame}, I've helped people {accomplish result}. (Give some examples. Build up the result that you get people now that you are an expert at what you do. This is starting with the End. It's a powerful story telling technique that lends it self well to an about page where you want to drive people to action.)

The way that {I get these results | help others get these results} is {with your unique system, perspective, tools, and/or mindsets}

And I think I can help you too

So... Why do I do what I do?

*It’s because {I love giving back | I like the excitement of seeing my students succeed | I get more restuls personllay when I help others | Etc} *

Starting Out

(Tell the story of where you were when you started your journey.)

(What was life like? What struggles did you have?)

(Why did you decide to start on this journey?)

First Successes

(What were some of the minor successes you had after starting?)

(How did those impact your desire to continue on this path?)

(How did this translate into helping people the way you do today?)

Bearded man drinking in a bar

Everything was great...

until some big problem that caused your transformation happened

(Talk about your biggest real struggle. The worse it is the better.(

(Did you nearly lose a job, a big deal, ruin your business? Did the market shift and destroy everything you worked for? Did something snap that made you realize you needed to go in a completely different direction? Talk about that.)

The new direction

(Talk about the transition to this new direction. What was hard? What was easy? How did this change lend to your strengths or grow them? How did this change affect your business? Change you? Change the results you are getting for clients?)

Ready To {Get Results}?

Businessman enjoying the evening sunset at work

Now, I am {one of the top | the highest paid | best qualified | most sought after} {whatever it is that you are or do} in the country.

(Talk about where you are now. Revisit the kinds of results you get for your clients.)

But I haven’t forgotten where I've come from.

Because of that, I want to help you {get results} too.

I want to help you {benefit of result}.

I want to help you {another benefit of result}.

I even want to help you {another benefit of result}

If you want {result} - you should {Call To Action}.

To Your Success,

{Your Name}

Wanna See I Can Help You {RESULT}?

Join me for a {Call | Webinar | Strategy Session | Opt-In} and see if I can help you get {result}.