How John Smith {Solved Problem} & {Got Benefit} In {Time Period}


Tell the story of where John was when he started his journey. What made him realize he had a problem? How did the problem affect his life? What kind of suffering was there?


Tell the story of how John found a solution. What were the ups and downs? What road-blocks did he encounter? What successes were there?


Tell the story of what John’s life is like now… life after the problem has been solved. What does he get to do? What does he have? How has his character changed? Talk about the pleasure. Be visual. Engage the sense. Make your audience see how wonderful life is with this problem solved.

Call To Adventure

Call you reader to join you on the same journey that John went on. “Do you suffer from the same problem as John? If so, then you may really like our {solution}. {Click here | Enter your email | Watch this video | Some other action you want them to take}.

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